Proceedings of International Conference on Applied Innovation in IT
2016/03/10, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp.51-55

High-speed UDP Data Transmission with Multithreading and Automatic Resource Allocation

Dmytro Syzov, Dmitry Kachan, Eduard Siemens

Abstract: In this paper a utilization of the high data-rates channels by threading of sending and receiving is studied. As a communication technology evolves the higher speeds are used more and more in various applications. But generating traffic with Gbps data-rates also brings some complications. Especially if UDP protocol is used and it is necessary to avoid packet fragmentation, for example for high-speed reliable transport protocols based on UDP. For such situation the Ethernet network packet size has to correspond to standard 1500 bytes MTU[1], which is widely used in the Internet. System may not has enough capacity to send messages with necessary rate in a single-threaded mode. A possible solution is to use more threads. It can be efficient on widespread multicore systems. Also the fact that in real network non-constant data flow can be expected brings another object of study –- an automatic adaptation to the traffic which is changing during runtime. Cases investigated in this paper include adjusting number of threads to a given speed and keeping speed on a given rate when CPU gets heavily loaded by other processes while sending data.

Keywords: high-speed data transport, threading, automatic resource management

DOI: 110.13142/KT10004.21

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