Timetable of the ICAIIT 2023 Presentations

This year's conference will feature a combination of offline and online presentations.

To participate in the conference, you must complete the registration process online , by 9:45 a.m. on Thursday (March 9) at your convenience. Both offline and online participants are required to register. Offline participants will have double registration in 320 Room and they need also to register online.

Although registration officially begins at 9:00 a.m. on March 9, but online registration you may register at any time that is convenient for you.

Offline: 06354 Koethen (Anhalt), Germany, Bernburger Straße 57, main building 01 (Rotes Gebäude), Room 216, 218, 320, 322/2

Online: Zoom (German time)
Meeting ID: 554 649 1894
Passcode: 2023

MARCH 9, 2023

09:00 Guest registration, Room 320 Online Registration

09:45 Welcome speech (Prof. Dr. Eduard Siemens, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences), Room 320 and online

Section 1 Communication and data transport technologies (Section chair Prof. Dr. Larysa Globa), Room 216

10:00 Simeon Trendov, Bohdan Zadoienko, Eduard Siemens, Dmitry Kachan, Marija Kalendar, Maksim Gering and Sergii Maksymov
          Evaluation of LoRaWAN’s Static and Dynamic Capabilities and its Limitations for IoT Applications (offline)
10:20 Dmitry Kachan, Boris Zelentsov, Viatcheslav Shuvalov and Irina Kvitkova
          Methodology for Evaluating the Impact of Sudden Failures on the Reliability Parameters of the Optical Cable Damaged Section (offline)
10:40 Victor Tikhonov, Serhii Nesterenko, Olena Tykhonova, Oleksandra Tsyra, Olha Yavorska and Vladyslav Hlushchenko
          Management of Digital Streams of an Autonomous System by the Raw Socket Ethernet Channel Virtualization Method in Linux OS (offline)
11:00 Nadiia Kasianchuk, Dmytro Tsvyk, Eduard Siemens and Halina Falfushynska
          Random Forest Algorithm in Unravelling Biomarkers of Breast Cancer Progression (offline)
11:20 Zoran Stojanoski, Marija Kalendar and Hristijan Gjoreski
          Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Models for Diabetes Prediction (online)
11:40 Borche Jovanovski, Stefan Kalabakov, Daniel Denkovski, Valentin Rakovic, Bjarne Pfitzner, Orhan Konak, Bert Arnrich and Hristijan Gjoreski
          Human Activity Recognition with Wearables Using Federated Learning (offline)

12:00 Coffee break (320)

12:20 Igor Bogachkov, Nicolay Gorlov, Tatiana Monastyrskaya and Natalya Medvedeva
          Monitoring in the Physical Channels of Optical Access Networks (online)
12:40 Roman Tsarov, Irina Timchenko, Vladislav Kumysh, Kateryna Shulakova and Liliia Bodnar
          Extended Classification Model of Telemedicine Station (online)
13:00 Zlate Bogoevski, Kristijan Nelkovski, Danijela Efnusheva and Marija Kalendar
          Wireless Multiplayer Retro Gaming Console (online)
13:20 Oleksandr Yavorskyi, Andrii Asseko-Nkili and Nataliia Kussul
          Persistent Homology in Machine Learning: Applied Sciences Review (online)
13:40 Denys Rozenvasser and Kateryna Shulakova
          Estimation of the Starlink Global Satellite System Capacity (online)

14:00 Coffee break (320)

14:20 Vira Liubchenko
          Software Metrics Visualization (online)
14:40 Irina Strelkovskaya, Irina Solovskaya and Juliya Strelkovska
          Comparative Analysis of Local Positioning Methods in Wi-Fi/Indoor Networks (online)
15:00 Andrii Shelestov, Sophia Drozd, Polina Mikava and Hanna Yailymova
          War Damage Detection Based on Satellite Data (online)
15:20 Nilufar Tukhboeva
          Cultural Heritage Reconstruction Using Virtual and Augmented Reality (online)

Section 2 Data analysis and processing, Statistical modelling and analysis and their applications in life sciences
(Section chair Prof. Dr. Nataliia Kussul), Room 322-2

10:00 Larysa Globa, Stanislav Dovgyi, Oleh Kopiika and Oleksii Kozlov
          Multi-Criteria Optimization During the Business Model Changing of it Management at the Enterprise (offline)
10:20 Cornelia Scott and Oksana Vasylenko
          Mathematical and Statistical Methods of Analyzing the Successful Implementation of German-Ukrainian Projects (offline)
10:40 Larysa Globa, Svitlana Sulima, Oleksandr Romanov and Mariia Skulysh
          Dynamic Reconfiguration of Computing Resources to Support NaaS Technology (offline)
11:00 Yehor Zheliazkov
          System of Circadian Lighting Based on Determination of Human Thermal Comfort Level (offline)
11:20 Bojana Velichkovska, Danijela Efnusheva and Marija Kalendar
          Image Segmentation as an Instrument for Setting Attention Regions in Convolutional Neural Networks for Bias Detection Purposes (online)
11:40 Vasyl Martsenyuk and Aleksandra Kłos-Witkowska
          Sensitivity Analysis of Enzyme-Substrate-Inhibitor Interaction Based on Nonlinear Dynamic Model (online)

12:00 Coffee break (320)

12:20 Nataliia Kussul, Sophia Drozd and Hanna Yailymova
          Forecast of Yield of Major Crops in Ukraine in War Conditions 2022 Based on MODIS and Sentinel-2 Satellite Data (online)
12:40 Ch Vishnuvardhana Reddy
          A Review Paper on IoT Solutions in Health Sector (online)
13:00 Tetyana Mokrytska and Anatolii Tushev
          On Fractal-Based Estimates of Subsidence Volumes for Various Types of Soils (online)
13:20 Daria Koshutina and Svetlana Antoshchuk
          Research of Methods to Increase the Efficiency of the Object Detection System on the Raspberry Pi Platform (online)
13:40 Hanna Yailymova, Bohdan Yailymov, Yevhen Mazur, Nataliia Kussul and Andrii Shelestov
          Sustainable Development Goal 2.4.1 for Ukraine Based on Geospatial Data (online)

14:00 Coffee break (320)

14:20 Anton Okhrimenko and Nataliia Kussul
          KNN-Based Algorithm of Hard Case Detection in Datasets for Classification (online)
14:40 Olena Kolodiazhna, Volodymyr Savin, Mykhailo Uss and Nataliia Kussul
          3D Scene Reconstruction with Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) Considering Dynamic Illumination Conditions (online)
15:00 Victor Nazimko, Artem Merzlikin and Ludmila Zakharova
          Investigation of Stochastic Fluctuation Spreading Through a Longwall Gob (online)

Section 3 Control and Automation, Electronics (Section chair PhD Marina Popova), Room 218

10:00 Javohir Toshov, Buriboy Toshov, U.R. Bainazov and M.S. Elomonov
          Application of Cycle-Flow Technology in Coal Mines (online)
10:20 Islom Jurayev, Isroil Yuldoshev and Zukhra Jurayeva
          Effects of Temperature on the Efficiency of Photovoltaic Modules (online)
10:40 Nurullo Zikrillayev, Elyor Saitov, Javokhir Toshov, Usmonjon Akhmedov and Doston Muxtorov
          Autonomous Solar Power Plant for Individual Use Simulation in Ltspice Software Package Booster Voltage Converter (online)
11:00 Oleksandr Sytnik, Miraziz Sagatov, Konstantin Klyuchka and Sergey Protasov
          Application of the Time Method for Studying Linear Reproducing Systems for Assessing the Dynamic Accuracy of Devices Based on
           Magnetoelectric Systems (online)
11:20 Murodilla Mukhammadiev, Kurbon Dzhuraev and Faxriddin Nosirov
          Prospects for the Development of the Use of Pumped Storage Power Plants in the Energy System of the Republic of Uzbekistan (online)
11:40 Tulkin Gayibov, Sherkhon Latipov and Behzod Pulatov
          Optimization of the Composition of Operating Units in Power Plants by Genetic Algorithm (online)

12:00 Coffee break (320)

12:20 Abduhashim Qadirov, Ulugbek Mannanov, Anvar Khamdamov and Abdusalom Xudayberdiyev
          Modeling of Vegetable Oil Miscellaneous Drive Process in Final Distiller Spray Zone (online)
12:40 Elyor Saitov, Sevara Axrorova and Obid Jurayev
          Conversion and Use of Solar Energy Calculation Methodology for Photovoltaic Systems (online)
13:00 B. Urishev and F.J. Nosirov
          Hydraulic Energy Storage of Wind Power Plants (online)
13:20 Shavkat Begmatov
          Research of Ferroresonance in 6-35 kV Electrical Networks Taking into Account the Dynamic Model of Non-Linear Inductivity of Power Transformer (online)
13:40 Mukhtorhon Ibadullayev
          Analysis of Auto Parametric Oscillations at the Subharmonic Frequency in Two-Phase Ferro Resonance Circuits (online)

14:00 Coffee break (320)

14:20 Boysari Yuldoshov, Elyor Saitov and Umirbek Abdiyev
          Effect of Temperature on Electrical Parameters of Photovoltaic Module (online)
14:40 Rovshan Dusmatov
          Calculation and Analysis of the Thermal State of the Frequency-Controlled Induction Motor Pump Unit (online)

15:45 Quo vadis ICAIIT? Open discussion on next steps, Room 216 and online



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