Proceedings of International Conference on Applied Innovation in IT
2018/03/13, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp.109-115

A Concept for a High-reliability Meteorological Monitoring System Using AMQP

Anna Kostromina, Eduard Siemens, Yurii Babich

Abstract: This paper describes a concept for a resilient meteorological monitoring system for reading data from sensors by using AMQP in order to increase reliability of the data acquisition system. A set of sensors is connected to the Beaglebone Black and is located in the mountains of north of Thailand. Gathered data are queued on a local SoC and sent to a server located in Germany whenever a network connection is available. Further in the work implementation and test of such a system in Thailand is discussed. Special challenges in the implementation of the system is the presence of frequent thunderstorms and outages caused by them. To improve the reliability of data transmission free AMQP implementation is used. The protocol has been studied, tested, and programs have been created for transmitting data from sensors to a server in Germany using the Rabbit MQ to store the data in the case of connection failures. Besides that, memory usage problems were raised when using AMQP in single-board computers, such as Beaglebone Black. The main task of this work is to propose the most stable and reliable operation of the data transmission system.

Keywords: AMQP, Rabbit MQ, Meteorological Monitoring, Reliable Message Queues, Availability

DOI: 10.13142/kt10006.41

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