Proceedings of International Conference on Applied Innovation in IT
2017/03/16, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp.57-63

Automated Intellectual Analysis of Consumers' Opinions in the Scope of Internet Marketing and Management of the International Activity in Educational Institution

Daniil Gorbushin, Dmitriy Grinchenkov, Anastasia Kolomiets, Nguyen Phuc Hau

Abstract: The issue of internet marketing in the international cooperation in institutions of higher education is studied in the article. Social media marketing technologies are offered to solve the task, paying special attention to the analysis stage. It is offered to consider social networks users’ messages as analytical material. Intellectual sentiment analysis is offered as a method for such analyses. Approaches to the solution of a sentiment analysis problem are considered. The perspective application methods of collecting and the intellectual analysis of information necessary for the feedback organization and ensuring high-quality educational services are described.

Keywords: International Activities, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SMM, Sentiment Analysis, Computational Linguistic, Opinion Mining, Information Extraction, Social Networks Analysis

DOI: 10.13142/KT10005.23

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