Proceedings of International Conference on Applied Innovation in IT
2015/03/19, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp.25-28

Long-term Forecasting of Frame Alignment Losses for Circuit Emulation Implementation

Yuriy Babich

Abstract: The article provides a method for long-term forecast of frame alignment losses based on the bit-error rate monitoring for structure-agnostic circuit emulation service over Ethernet in a mobile backhaul network. The developed method with corresponding algorithm allows to detect instants of probable frame alignment losses in a long term perspective in order to give engineering personnel extra time to take some measures aimed at losses prevention. Moreover, long-term forecast of frame alignment losses allows to make a decision about the volume of TDM data encapsulated into a circuit emulation frame in order to increase utilization of the emulated circuit. The developed long-term forecast method formalized with the corresponding algorithm is recognized as cognitive and can act as a part of network predictive monitoring system.

Keywords: frame alignment loss, long-term forecast, predictive monitoring

DOI: 10.13142/kt10003.05

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