Proceedings of International Conference on Applied Innovation in IT
2015/03/19, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp.13-17

Conceptual Foundations of Modelling of Innovative Production Projects

Leonid Mylnikov

Abstract: At the moment there is a lack of methodological approaches to formalization of management of innovative projects relating to production systems, as well as to adaptation and practical use of the existing approaches. This article is about one potential approach to the management of innovative projects, which makes the building of innovative process models possible based on objective approach. It outlines the frameworks for the building of innovative project models, and describes the method of transition from conceptual modelling to innovative project management. In this case, the model alone and together with parameters used for evaluation of the project may be unique and depends on the special features of the project, preferences of decision-making person, and production and economic system in which it is to be implemented. Unlike existing approaches, this concept does not place any restrictions on types of models and makes it possible to take into account the specificities of economic and production systems. Principles embodied in the model allow its usage as a basis for simulation model to be used in one of specialized simulation systems, as well as for information system providing information support of decision-making process in production and economic systems both newly developed by the company (enterprise) and designed on the basis of available information systems that interact through the exchange of data. In addition, this article shows that the development of conceptual foundations of innovative project management in the economic and production systems is inseparable from the development of the theory of industrial control systems, and their comprehensive study may be reduced to a set of elements represented as certain algorithms, models and evaluations. Thus, the study of innovative process may be conducted in both directions: from general to particular, and vice versa.

Keywords: innovative project, management, decisionmaking, algorithm, analysis, concept, search for optimal solution innovative project, management, decision-making, algorithm, analysis, concept, search for optimal solution

DOI: 10.13142/kt10003.03

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