Proceedings of International Conference on Applied Innovation in IT
2023/03/09, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp.279-284

Application of Cycle-Flow Technology in Coal Mines

Javokhir Toshov, Buri Toshov, Umid Bainazov and Muxriddin Elemonov

Abstract: This article discusses, describes and analyzes the main problems of open mining in overburden work with the transportation of rock mass at the Angren coal open pit. The analysis of the main problems in the design of cyclical-flow technology with belt conveyors for hard rocks at the unloading and loading section of the bunker has been carried out. Calculations were carried out using the Ansys Workbench program. This article discusses, describes and analyzes the main problems of open mining in overburden work with the transportation of rock mass at the Angren coal open pit. In order to study them, a review was made of the stages of using conveyors for the mining industry both in different countries and at the Angren coal mine. In addition, as a result of the analysis, the author found that the main problem in the design of cyclic-flow technology with belt conveyors for hard rocks is due to the operation of the design of the unloading and loading hopper. In order to solve the problem identified by the author, optimization of the “CPT” with belt conveyors is proposed based on the improvement of the design of the bunker using the “Ansys Workbench» program, the prospects for using this calculation and analytical program are emphasized.

Keywords: Open Mining, Rock, Quarry, Cyclical-Flow Technology (SFT), Unloading and Loading Hopper, Ansys Workbench, Conveyor, Belt.

DOI: 10.25673/101954

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