Proceedings of International Conference on Applied Innovation in IT
2023/03/09, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp.213-220

Application of the Time Method for Studying Linear Reproducing Systems for Assessing the Dynamic Accuracy of Devices Based on Magnetoelectric Systems

Oleksandr Sytnik, Miraziz Sagatov, Konstantin Klyuchka and Sergey Protasov

Abstract: For the successful use of magnetoelectric measuring systems, an important point is the possibility of assessing their accuracy in a dynamic mode of operation. To obtain such estimates, methods based on frequency transformations and, accordingly, analysis of the composition of the spectral components of the currents of the interacting circuit and the magnetic field are traditionally used. At the same time, frequency methods have a number of limitations, in particular, due to the finiteness of the number of terms of the Fourier series in the analysis of periodic functions of time, as well as some other limitations when using the Fourier integral for non-periodic functions. In addition, there are certain limitations when using the well-known complex-spectral method and the method of typical effects. In the presented article, in addition to the indicated methods, it is proposed to consider the possibility of using a temporary research method to assess the dynamic properties of magnetoelectric systems. Also, as an example, the article presents an analysis of the dynamic properties of a magnetoelectric measuring system with electromagnetic damping, which can be extended to more complex measuring systems of this type.

Keywords: Magnetoelectric Systems, Time Method, Differential Equation, Transfer Function, Hurwitz Stability Conditions, EMF Thermocouples.

DOI: 10.25673/101940

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