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08-09 October 2013, Technological Center of Koethen, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences,Germany

The workshop was held in the context of the SavEnCom project.

The SavEnCom project has the goal of establishing of a mid- to long term research collaboration group between Anhalt Universtity of Applied Sciences (HSA), Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) and Federal Research Institute of Semiconductor Devices (FRISD). The focus of the joined research is the development of environmental energy-efficiency technologies and especially autonomous lighting systems powered from hybrid renewable energy sources such as solar-wind systems.
In the course of the SavEncom project, a couple of Geman-Russian research activities shall be initiated.
In Germany, there are two ongoing projects, related to this topic. The first one is SmartLighting, which is under management of Prof. E.Siemens. The main idea of this project is a development of self-configuring sensor network for event-based control of public lighting systems. The second involved project is StukturSolar, under supervision of Prof. N.Bernhard. Here development of solar cells with increased efficiency is targetted . In the course of this project 4 PhD students will work on the photovoltaic of the next generation for almost 3 years.
At the Russian side, a R&D project on autonomous lighting systems is running under supervision of Prof. A.Yurchenko (TPU). His research group focuses on development of autonomous hybrid and solar power systems.
During the workshop, project partners and other participants from the industry, research institutes and universitis, from Germany as well as from Russia have presented their reports that outlined the current important questions and problems regarding the autonomous power supply and consumptionn in the rural areas fo Siberia. Reports were provided within the three following sessions(Workshop Program):

Session 1: Scope of German-Russian collaboration in energy production and energy efficiency;

Session 2: Technical Challenges of Autonomous Systems in Siberia

Session 3: Energy Efficiency

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